Investigation: OCA Student Blogs

OCA Student Pam Wright

I found this a very useful exercise, despite feeling a bit overwhelming. My own experience of printmaking was very limited before starting the course and it was helpful to see how other students had had tackled the projects.

I felt throughout this part of the course that the sharpness of the prints I had taken was not as good as I would have liked, and the colours not as intense as could be achieved.

I found Pam Wright’s ¬†discussion on the factors affecting her prints very useful. I noted her comments on the importance of varying papers in achieving an interesting print. I wold not have considered using lining paper to print on and I think I will try this myself in the next section of the course.

Also of interest were Pam’s comments on the usefulness of black ink. I also liked working with black ink but tried to hold off from using too much of this during part 1.

I could see that Pam had made more detailed comments as she went along with each section. I found this quite difficult to do at this stage as I was too absorbed in the process itself. I noted Pam’s comment abut it being ” all about the process”. Very true. I’m not patient by nature and struggled to take careful notes but it is definitely the way forward if improvements are to be made!

I particularly liked the geese print in pink and black which she carried out for her last 4 prints. This gave me something to aspire to!





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