Gallery of Modern Art 2: Modern Scotish Women

Gallery of Modern Art 2: Edinburgh: 22/11/15

The exhibition brought together the work of a number of Scottish women artists, some of whom were alreadyknown to me, notably : Bessie Macnicol, Anne Redpath and Joan Eardley, and others  such as  Dorothy Johnston, Meredith Williams, Cecile Walton, Margaret Watkins and Phylis Mary Bone, whose work was new to me. The artist Hannah Frank had a personal connection, as I was fortunate to meet her  towards the end of her very long life when she attended a small show of her prints which had been curated by a mutual friend. Miss Frank lived to the age of 100, and had lived through the 2 world wars and a great many social and cultural changes over her lifetime.

Much of the group discussion centered on the historical context in which the artists had worked and trained. In many cases, the women had limited or no access to formal art school training and worked under the constraints of  life drawing training of the times, which was limited to women training as arists

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