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Project 4:textured abstract with back drawing

The subject matter for this project was inspired by some diagrams drawn by my dad demonstrating the effect of momentum on collisions. I found this after his recent death and wanted to explore how I could incorporate them into a visual arts project.

I explored a number of ways of using the spherical imaged within the context of a print, exploring a number of different compositions within my sketchbook. A number of colour options were also explored. Initially I was keen to create strong visual impact by using strongly contrasting colours. As the project progressed, I used more subdued colours which seemed to work well for the subject material.


Figure 1:  Inspiration for abstract print with back drawn symbols



                   Figure 2: masked and textured monoprints from momentum studies

For the initial print, the plate was inked up using violet, with pre-prepared masks cut in 3 different sizes used to protect the circular areas. The negative mask was later used to enable printing with yellow. The White of the paper was allowed to show around the middle circle. The next print was made using the ghost print, varying the colours used on the circles and applying direction arrows using back drawing and black ink. I also experimented with inking over the masks directly. Texture was created I a purple inked plate using bubble wrap imprinted onto the plate directly. Circles were then added using black ink and backdrawing.

Finally a collage was created using the resulting masks and left over rollers ink.


I felt that the initial yellow and purple print was the most successful of the batch of prints, having the greatest colour impact. However, I liked the collage which brought together all of the colours I had used. I think the project was moderately successful but would definitely have benefitted from more careful planning and more experimentation before reaching a final print.


Project 2: Positive and Negative Masked Monoprints

Masked Monoprints using 2 colours:


The biggest challenge with this exercise was definitely achieving accurate registration.

After a few failed attempts to registder properly, where the orientation of the positive mask was the biggest problem I tried to work out a method whih allowed me to line up the masks consistently on the paper before printing.

To get to grips with registering the prints, I realised that it was important to make markings which identified the vertical and horizontal axes of the plate and the masks, both positive and negative. First, I marked out the outline of the intended paper using an additional sheet which would be placed beneath the printing plate. The plate itself was outlined in pencil on this sheet.

Vertical and horizontal references were made across the assembled positive and negative masks so that they could be reassembled accurately later.

A few further mistakes later, I realised that I had to add a reminder showing the top and bottom of the plate and printing paper to avoid printing upside down which happened on 2 occasions!

Stretching of the negative mask led to misalignment of the prints. I think the problem was complicated by the fact that the image extended to the edges of the paper. A simpler design might have been easier to begin with. An acetate stencil might have proved more effective and survived multiple printing efforts.

Shere Khan
Shere Khan: Masked monoprints usinf 2 colours;


Shere Khan: Masked monoprint with colours reversed


Shere Khan: Ghost print



Shere Khan: masked monoprint using 2 colours – final print upside down


Positive and negative masked monoprints

Shere Khan 1
Shere Khan 1: Positive print using negative mask
Shere Khan 2
Shere Khan 2: Positive print using negative mask


Shere Khan:Ghost print

Positive prints made with negative mask using one colour:

I prepared a mask from the sketches I had made of Shere Khan  at the recent OCA Study Day visit to the exhibition Modern Scottish Women: Painters and Sculptors.

My original drawing was enlarged to fit the printing plate. Initially I found the mask difficult to handle as I was attempting to place it on the plate. It was difficult to keep the detail of the tiger’s face intact in the mask and I found that it tended to stretch on the plate and was prone to tearing.

My first attempt at taking a print led to a very pale print and it was clear that I had not used enough printing ink. I reinked the plate, increasing the amount of ink used and obtained a much better result. Finally a ghost print was taken following removal of the mask. This produced a strong image despite some loss of detail.




still life Monoprint painted directly onto glasss
still life Monoprint painted directly onto glasss

A series of still life Monoprints were created using acrylic paint and medium to create ink. This process slowed down the time available for painting the image directly onto the glass and eventually I started working with block printing colour which seemed to give more handling time. As I worked through the printing process it became clear that I Was  not applying the paint thickly enough to define the image and the background. Subsequent prints were created using more ink, leading to a better result.

Still life Monoprints ghost print
Still life Monoprints ghost print

Project 1 Simple monoprints



First attempt at painting directly onto the glass plate using acrylic with added printing medium . A bit chaotic adding in the medium to the inks without everything drying out. Needed to add more paint and a bit of water to the mix. Liked the strong colours obtained in the first print but the shadows looked strange. Think more planning is needed to make the image more credible but like the nice loose feel of the print and the colours.
Set up a second plate and added a flower to the still life for this print and more colours. Applied the background colour with a flat palette knife and blended with a brush to shorten the time to apply the paint. This worked well and I managed to take a ghost print from the same plate

OCA Coursework : Project 1: Monoprints: experiments using brushes and 3 colours

This is my first effort at Monoprints using paintbrushes and limited to 3 colours.
The first print on newsprint was too faint as not enough ink had been used. Better results using more printing inks. I was able to take a ghost print using this approach. There was good reproduction but I forgot to add inks to the edges. For the 3rd print, I added ink again over the ghost print. The edges ŵere well defined but the centre was too pale.

Mark making experiments print 1
Mark making experiments print 1
Print series 1
Print series 1