Project 6: Single Colour Linoprints: Masks


Sketchbook page: Initial photograph for mask
Sketchbook page: Further devlopment for mask using photoshop programme


For Project 6, I did 2 separate projects. The mask series was created for the second of the two projects. A selection of work from the Masks project is shown here. The remainder can be found in my paper sketchbook for the project. Research relevant to the project is “Garden of Earthly Delights” by Hieronymous Bosch and  “Carnival” by Max Beckman.

The series was inspired by a visit to Venice.

Sketchbook images from the the mask series of images are presented below:

Thoughts on colour choices were based on the significance of the colours red, purple and black. Red: passion, sex and carnal pleasure. Purple: Lent, penitence, fasting. Black: death and mourning.


Addition of Type using Photoshop Programme



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