Project 6: Single colour linocut


Unspoken1 : Anywhere but here

Exploring the Topic

Initial exploration centred on the concept of home and family. I brainstormed words which I felt related to the topic  and used the computer to print these in a variety of fonts:





Ayrshire Cottages: Image used as the basis for Unspoken 1: Anywhere but here

The image which I selected to work on for this project was based on a landscape  of cottages on the Clyde Coast in Ayshire, Scotland. The title refers to what remained unspoken after my dad moved away after my mum died. We never really spoke about it as the subject was always too delicate to discuss. The two birds represent his new life.

The original image was revised from one of my original paintings to suit the project and sketched in white chalk on black paper. This gave me an idea what the work would look like as a print. I then traced the main features onto tracing paper and transferred these to my Lino block. I wanted to create a bleak mood, and  to keep the cottages distinctly white against a black background, with dark sky and textured foreground. The use of this colour scheme made the introduction of the birds relatively simple.

I was able to introduce variety of mark making in the path to the cottages using short deep cuts to create the effect of pebbles, decreasing in size as they moved into the mid- ground. Variety was also added through the addition of grasses in the foreground, both short and long. The piece below was my first print from the block and this was subsequently modified to improve the form of the rocks









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