Copenhagen and the Fyords

Scandinavian Hols

Fun sketching outdoors on a recent trip to Copenhagen and the Norwegian Fyords.

I tried a new technique on some of the sketches where I prepared some pages with torn paper to get rid of the blank pages before the trip. This worked really well for me and really helped to deal with the nerves felt working outside. Something I will definitely use again. Often, materials sketching outside can be a bit limited if air travel is involved as its not possible to take oil paints. I usually rely on watercolour and coloured pencils but torn and cut tissue offered a very interesting way to get started!

The images below show 1. Ships at Nyhaven, 2. Copenhagen evening, 3. Skagen seen from the ship.




The selection below shows my interpretation of the Fyords from the ship using watercolour pencils and torn paper. It was interesting working with what was already down on the page. Trying to balance colour and tone was the biggest challenge.






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