Sketchbook Walk in Glasgow


A wee sketchbook day in Glasgow yesterday. First stop, a new find in Glasgow’s High Street called the Blue Chair cafe- a creative space for artists and musicians which I have never visited before. Found myself a little niche in the window to enjoy a few rays of precious sunshine and a coffee. Before long, I was joined by a curious onlooker! We soon established that my father and his had grown up in the same street together- an interesting spin-off from the day!

The sketch below was made from my position on the “Blue Chair” looking out to McChuills pub across the road. The yellow guitar was my starting point. A challenge to get the interior right- struggling a bit with the perspective and colours but captured the essence of the guitar- certainly will enjoy the memory which the little sketch evokes.

The second sketch was made in fine felt pen looking towards th city from an open stretch of ground at the Gallowgait in Glasgow. It presents a difficult challenge from the perspective point of view!  Lots going on I would like to give this another go to see if I could improve on my initial efforts.


Yellow Guitar at the Blue Chair Cafe, Glasgow
Gallowgait walk, Glasgow

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