Research: Chine colle printing


For Project 14, I was inspired by the work of printmaker Katie Jones. A link to the artist’s website is provided below.

Project 13: Combination Mono and linoprints: Linocut Design 2

I selected a small collagraph titled “Separation Lines V” by Katy Jones for my research.


Separation Lines V” 10×10 cms . Collagraph with chine colle: Artist, Katherine Jones

The artist has used a number of different approaches in making the plate for Separation V, using a cardboard baseplate with a range of materials such as masking and parcel tape to develop the surface of her printing plate. She has also cut into the surface of the plate and to create further tonal variation and added texture through the addition of glue to the surface of the work.
The plate was coloured by hand and tissue layered across the piece, extending beyond the main picture plane, creating a rich sense of layering , with both colour and texture variation.
For Separation Lines V, a square format has been used which works well with the small scale and abstract nature of the work.
The artist has made use of a palette of primary colours which creates a striking image, with the placement of the yellow segment just off centre to the right adding a central point of focus to the work. Layering has muted the initial colours, introducing a range of rich greys and browns across the picture plane, adding depth and interest to the work. I found this a particularly interesting aspect of her work. In looking at the work I have a sense of looking through the darker layers into the light beyond. The variation in colour and texture helps keep the eye of the viewer moving across the picture plane, creating a really interesting piece.
Relevance to my own work
In projects 13 and 14 part 1 I tried to achieve a sense of looking up at the light from below the surface of water. I tried to retain the effect of light in the centre of the prints and to add depth and texture to the perimeter of the work, keeping the central focus around the light zones.
In project 14 part 3 I felt that this method of working would allow freedom to experiment in my own practice. In my own work for project 14, I used linoprinting layered with tissue and additional collaged elements made from cut coloured paper.

1. Hartill, B. and Clarke, R. (2005) p. 70. Collagraphs and mixed media printmaking (printmaking handbook). London: A & C Black Publishers.



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