Project 13: Combination Mono and linoprints: Linocut Design 2

Combination Mono and Linoprints: Design 2

A further design was developed based on original drawings but tightening the cutting of the salmon in the piece and cutting out more white space to allow the underlying monoprint to be seen more clearly. One of the real challenges of this task was getting the balance right between the contribution of the monoprint and the lino print.

Further cutting was carried out reach a final design which could be used with in combination with monoprinting. A number of monoprints were prepared which would be used to further devlop the prints. Some of these were kept as monoprints where the design was strong enough.m

Monoprint and proof for Linoprints Design 2

Following the devlopment of the final lino print design a number of combination prints were made. These are shown below:

Combination Mono and Linoprints


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