Glasgow Coat of Arms: do we need an update to represent our increasingly multi faith culture ?

Looking for potential symbols with “Faith” as a starting point

As a starting point for Part 5 of PM1, I visited the St Mungo Museum of Religious Art and Life and Glasgow Cathedral, both located at the heart of the historical Christian diocese of Glasgow. The museum seeks to help understanding of all faith groups and to act as a focus promote dialogue and engagement across religious divides.

Both places display works of art related to both Christian and other faith groups. The images below show Glasgow Cathedral in the background with a “Clooty Tree” installed in the Japanese Zen Garden in the gardens of the museum. The Clooty tree is usually found at places of spiritual significance and reflects the tradition ( found in many faiths) of tying cloth to trees to signify hopes and prayers. This motif has potential within a multi-faith context as it is used by several faith groups

The picture to the right includes the specially made lamp standards using the story of the Bird the Bell the Fish and the Tree from the legend of St Mungo.

Glasgow Cathedral seen from the Japanese Zen Garden with “Clooty Tree” in the foreground ( right ).

I was looking for imagery from amongst the various exhibits which might form the basis for an alternative crest. Below are some of the religious images of significance to the various faith groups featured.

From the left:

Hindu God Shiva as Nataraja ( Lord of the Dance): 

Hanukka  Lamp: From the Jewish religious tradition

Sikh Emblem

All of these emblems have strong visual impact and could be incorporated into the theme.



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