Collagraphs: Exploring the theme: Journey


I started Part 4 by exploring a range of ways in which I could extend and develop my earlier theme  of the “Journey”.

By brainstorming the theme in my sketchbook, I came up with some potential options for further investigation which might be translated into a Collatype.

I visited my local Transport Museum where I could explore some potential subjects and was intrigued by these suspended bicycles. I had the opportunity to view the cycles from a range of different angles. Some of them were upright and some upside down.

The cycles could also be thought of as the sum of their component parts, for example wheels, nuts, bolts gears, brakes, handlebars. By breaking down the items into their components to deconstruct the whole object, it might be possible to come up with a more abstract approach to this topic. The components had interesting shapes in themselves and could be useful in devloping the theme.

There was also the option to use the cycles to introduce a personal component to my work as I had recently purchased a new bicycle which I hoped to use on my sketching trips and to help move me on from recent struggles.  The fact that the bike was in the house also gave me access to a cycle for detailed sketching.






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