PM1: Course Aims and Objectives

OCA Printmaking 1: Course Aims
Overall Aims

My principle reason for taking the course is to learn and entirely new skill, which I think would be helpful in my own practice. I hope that eventually I will be able to expand my artistic practice to include printmaking.


I would like to progress onto Level 2 and eventually to complete the BA Hons in Painting. Hopefully I will be able to bring the ideas and processes learned in Printmaking 1 to the next stage of my course.

I hope that the course will provide me with a different range of tools which can be applied to future work.
In my own practice, I have sometimes used stencils to achieve effects in my paintings and have dabbled with bringing mixed media into the painting process. On such occasions, I have sometimes been concerned that the paintings may fail at a later stage as the methodology used may not be technically competent. I hope that a better understanding of accepted practice will help to improve the quality of my work.


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