Project 3:variations using masks and multi-colours

Experimentation with impressed textures

I started the project by experimenting with impressed textures using a range of different materials: crushed velvet, bubble wrap, sponges (soft, and hardened by paint  dried in). I also worked with corrugated card of various different lengths. This was done on a plate inked with a single colour.

I experimented with placing the card onto the ink and pressing and also using a small roller to create a stronger imprint. The swirls in this print were created by by twisting the end of a small sponge. I also scraped into the ink using the end of a paintbrush.

Corrugated card was very effective in creating images which could suggest railings, buildings, fences, railways tracks. The swirl shapes could be used in trees and clouds and for the creation of abstract interest.

A number of further project experiments with the addition of colours and masks were undertaken.


Close up of textures obtained using impressed textures


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