Project 4: Textured and combination monoprints

Life Drawing with Successive Monoprints

For this exercise, I chose to print from a life drawing which I prepared ahead of making my print. I selected a male model in a seated pose and made 2 preparatory studies, the second of which I drew in charcoal at the scale I wanted to print.

The figure was placed centrally, occupying the picture plane with minimal background detail to allow for the addition of  texture within the print without confusing the image.

I placed the drawn charcoal image beneath the printing plate, which was inked thinly to allow me to see the image through the glass. For this, brown was mixed using yellow, red and blue. I then painted the main lines of the figure on the plate in black ink while the thin layer was wet and then printed my first image.

The image of the figure was clear but the surrounding background colour was too pale.

I then reinked on top of the existing print, adding more ink over the whole plate and printed again, experimenting with scratching into the base colour around the figure to refine the image of the figure.

As I became more confident, I tried adding more tome onto the figure by painting the figure itself using a variety of brushes and again scratching into the Figure and the background to produce texture.

I really enjoyed this exercise as I experimented with the technique and feel that it offered real potential for experimenting with figure drawing. The resulting images were less detailed than my original drawing but gained a naive quality which added interest and vulnerability to the image.

Prints were made on smooth and rough papers, the rough paper producing interesting texture and more detail than I had expected.


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