Positive and negative masked monoprints

Shere Khan 1
Shere Khan 1: Positive print using negative mask
Shere Khan 2
Shere Khan 2: Positive print using negative mask


Shere Khan:Ghost print

Positive prints made with negative mask using one colour:

I prepared a mask from the sketches I had made of Shere Khan  at the recent OCA Study Day visit to the exhibition Modern Scottish Women: Painters and Sculptors.

My original drawing was enlarged to fit the printing plate. Initially I found the mask difficult to handle as I was attempting to place it on the plate. It was difficult to keep the detail of the tiger’s face intact in the mask and I found that it tended to stretch on the plate and was prone to tearing.

My first attempt at taking a print led to a very pale print and it was clear that I had not used enough printing ink. I reinked the plate, increasing the amount of ink used and obtained a much better result. Finally a ghost print was taken following removal of the mask. This produced a strong image despite some loss of detail.





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